Hadlen is an Entrepreneurial Entertainer and CEO of Enigma Talent and Entertainment, a high end event services provider serving clients across 4 provinces in Canada.

Hadlen believes in the importance of Creating Memories and Changing Lives. Taking his talents from the stage to National Television, in his self titled show “Hadlen”. Airing new episodes every 2 weeks for all of 2018.

Over 20 years ago, Hadlen began his quest to control his mind.

In that time he has achieved and continues to achieve his goals. Here are a few:

  • High School Honour Roll Student
  • First Degree Black Belt
  • A Self-Taught Full-Time Professional Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist, and Speaker
  • Spoken on the TEDx Stage
  • 2012 Team Canada 2x Gold Medalist at the World Martial Arts Games in England
  • Operates his entertainment, speaking, videography, and content marketing companies
  • Performed in 11 countries, so far
  • Toured USA and Canada with his skills
  • Starring in a 2018 TV Show

Hadlen is one of the most sought after Mystery Entertainers in Canada. Rising from Amateur to Professional in 2009 and finally quitting his job at SaskTel to work Full-Time as an Entertainer in 2011.

Hadlen recently launched his podcast, Cerebral Mind Control. With a mission to learn from others and spread that knowledge to his audience. CMC features successful individuals in the areas of business, sport, arts, and entertainment.

In addition to running Enigma Talent and Entertainment, Hadlen also serves as the CEO of Nelda Media, a digital agency serving personal brands, small businesses, and big businesses.

Hadlen is the subject of HadlenVLOG, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be an Entertainer in today’s world. He is the host of YXEvents, a Saskatoon event show online.



Hadlen, Anthony Hadlen Anson Hanson, was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. His grandparents moved to Canada from Hungary and the Philippines which set a strong base for the rest of the family. That mindset transferred down to his Mother who raised Hadlen to believe in himself.

As a child, Hadlen began his journey to control his mind beginning with Martial Arts. Learning to control his mind and body, he began to win 1st place in competition, consistently.

In his teens, Hadlen’s focus shifted to schooling. Learning how he learned so he could adapt to various teaching methods, no matter the teacher. Working on the side for Health Canada as a secret shopper.



After Graduating High School, with Honours, Hadlen enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan. It was here where he found the world of magic and entered the “rabbit hole”.

Everywhere Hadlen went, all he could think about is magic. Practising magic, learning magic, performing magic, 8-10 hours a day. Absorbing as much information and knowledge in this world as possible.

It was here where he learned the the roots Magic has in Psychology. Combining knowledge in both areas, Hadlen found out that Sleight-of-Mind is possible.



Growing as a performer, leaving University, Hadlen began working various jobs. From a delivery company servicing Saskatchewan, selling shoes at Sport Chek, Loss Prevention Officer for Wal-Mart, to selling services at Shaw and SaskTel.

Learning about business, marketing, and sales from first hand experience. At age 21, Hadlen went to Las Vegas to attend a Hypnosis and Magic Seminar. He now had all the tools he needed to take it to the next level. The next 2 years he began to work even harder to reach the level of Full-Time Entertainer


In 2011, Hadlen quit his final “normal job” at SaskTel to pursue his passion in Magic. Hadlen’s talents have since taken him to 11 countries and touring USA and Canada with his skills.

As a self-taught magician, Hadlen began to expand towards Mentalism and Hypnosis. Travelling to Vegas, yearly, to attend workshops and seminars about Hypnosis.

Once Hadlen learned Hypnosis, his business exploded.


Training in Martial Arts since he was 8 years old, Hadlen was presented the opportunity to represent Team Canada at the World Martial Arts Games in England 2012.

It was here that Hadlen took home gold in 2 divisions and ranked 2nd overall.

After competing, Hadlen began his journey through Europe. Performing everywhere he went and expanding his fan base. Hadlen performed in London, Paris, Barcelona, Andorra, Venice, Munich, and Amsterdam in this tour.


Utilizing his knowledge base, Hadlen began teaching and training others to do what he does. Teaching magic, mentalism, and hypnosis. Teaching kids and adults both in class and online. Hadlen’s most notable students include Andrew Kinakin and Coden Nikbakht.

Instead of turning clients away, Hadlen now has the ability to always provide his clients with the right entertainer for the job.

Enigma Talent now offers a wide range of event services. Ranging from Mystery Entertainers to DJs, bands, speakers, hypnotists, magicians, mentalists, photographers, photo booths, and videographers.



Hadlen began his speaking career in 2014 with a keynote at TEDx. Since this talk, Hadlen has spoken across Western Canada sharing his story and the basis of his success.

Hadlen now coaches and trains individuals, teams, and employees. Teaching how to control their mind for success.



Since the beginning, Hadlen produced for his business every video, photo, website, etc. In 2016, Hadlen began a self documentary web series called the Hadlen VLOG, where he filmed, edited, and produced 223 videos in 223 days. It was here where he became proficient with video.

In 2017, Hadlen started Nelda Media, a digital agency, and began producing marketing content for personal brands and small businesses. Leading up to today, 2018, where Nelda Media now serves big businesses alongside personal brands and small businesses alike.


Hadlen’s goal is to be the World’s #1 Hypnotist by 2030. He is currently building the foundation required to reach this level of success. It may seem like a long time from now, Hadlen understands the amount of work that this requires and believes that this is the most realistic time frame for his vision.

Creating Memories | Changing Lives