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Hadlen is a Full-Time World Class performer. An expert in Illusion, sleight of hand, hypnosis, NLP, combative arts, language patterns, muscle and body reading, and presentation. He has been performing his whole life beginning with Martial Arts at age 8, continuing to grow and expand from there. At 29, he runs his business Hadlen Entertainment and has performed in 11 countries. Hadlen has also attained the title of World Champion as he represented Team Canada at the World Martial Arts Games in England. There he took home GOLD in 2 divisions.

Utilizing his vast knowledge Hadlen now coaches, trains, and speaks alongside his performance career. Some consider his mind as one of the most dangerous. Hadlen helps people in many ways utilizing hypnosis. From quitting smoking to enhancing productivity and performance in employee development.

Hadlen’s performances are sure to make a huge splash at your next event. Hadlen is available for performances around the globe! Choose from Comedy Hypnosis, Magic, Mentalism, Martial Arts, Motivational and Key Note Speeches or perhaps a special combination of them all. Some of the most popular events Hadlen performs at are Morning Mixers as an Energizer, Corporate Events as an after dinner Entertainer, Cocktail Hour Strolling Entertainer, Staff Team Building as a Motivator! All of Hadlen’s shows and presentations are clean for all ages and available in any length of time required.

-Anthony Hadlen Anson Hanson
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