“Number 1 Saskatchewan Hypnotist, Magician, and Mentalist”

Curtis Anderson, Author


“Hadlen, you are an Outlier!

He was Pure Talent!  Soooo enjoyable to watch – You too will enjoy his talent.”

Wayne Zuk, CEO Realty Executives


“Wow, that was impressive!”

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison


“Hadlen was engaging right from the beginning of his program.  It was hard to believe the things he accomplished at our show.  Our guests were mesmerized!”

Colleen Beresh, Pharmasave


“Amazing Awesome!  Very entertaining and awesome.  He did things that were not expected and terrific.  Would absolutely tell everyone about him.”

Pamela Nykolaishen, Dakota Dunes





“The Force is strong with this one… Very interactive; lots of laughs!”

Anonymous quote from #H5YXE


“As usual Hadlen continues to amaze me with his talent.  Such a classy act and his mind control is unbelievable.  The show just gets better and better.”

Lois Aikens-Fowler, CIBC


“A very entertaining show.  Very good connection with your audience and great showmanship.  Keep up the good work.”

Grant Marten


“Awesome show!  Left our group speechless!  Very entertaining!”

Chelsea Brodie, Realty Executives


“It was a great show, the best!”

Khalid Alshurayhi, Vice President of Saudi Club




“Brilliant Show!  Everyone loved it, the showmanship and humour were first rate.  You will go FAR!”

Gordon Twigg


“I don’t know how you did it, but I felt a tap on my shoulder without anybody touching me. How?!!”

Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Club


“You don’t ‘watch’ or ‘see’ a Hadlen show, you EXPERIENCE it!”

Mitch Stewart, Aerus


” ‘Speechless!’ It’s one thing to leave an audience in awe, but to top it off with intense repeat prestige illusions is another. He is astonishing on every level! Bravo!”

Rick Stanton, A.M. – Readers World Books




“Hadlen is one of my top students, and I have thousands!  He has a strong grasp on the art of magic and the power of the mind!”

Jay Noblezada, The Jedi Trainer


“Awesome as always! Love watching you blow minds, read minds, change minds … so COOL!!!”

Salon A.I.T.


 “I thought you were amazing and had everyone well entertained, will highly recommend you to all who will listen” 

Melissa Malin, RSVP Event Design


 “You are Canada’s Most Dangerous Mind!” 

Torrell Brightley, Bright Stoneworks


“I was hypnotized into believing I was being tickled when I actually wasn’t. Great show!!!” 



“It was a pretty sweet show. I had no idea how he did it!” 



“Outstanding, you are a true showman. I look forward to seeing your show in Vegas!!” 

Garcia Brightley, Bright Stoneworks


“Best magician I’ve ever seen.”

 Priscilla Brightley, Salon A.I.T.


“I thought [magic] was just camera tricks, I can’t believe what I saw.”

Diana Pereira, Handyman Rentals


“This guy has serious talent.” 

Kate Matthews, The Steadies Music


“Great show, you have talent!” 

Robynne Smith, Off Broadway Physiotherapy


“I thought the show was amazing! It was very organized and well done, Thank You!” 

Simon Valentine


” ‘INCREDIBLE!’ He surpassed all my expectations! Much better than shows I’ve watched in Vegas!!”

Melanie Wildman, “Mrs. Saskatchewan” President & CEO – Weight Loss Forever

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