Hypnotic and Magical Aftergrad Entertainment


Aftergrad Hypnotist Hadlen has his volunteers bow at the end of the show in saskatoon

Post Graduation Celebrations, high-school or post secondary, must have our Comedy Hypnosis Show! By the time the day celebrations are over, it’s been an exhausting day. Let’s take you through the experience:

At the start of the show the audience begins to regain their energy. Volunteers fill the stage, laughter bellows throughout the room. You get to see your peers say and do things that would surprise you. You get to know them better, one last time. Spectators get a great ab workout and volunteers get a full body workout along with positive suggestions to better their mind! By the end of our show, the whole room is alive with energy! This is, by far, the best way to end your school year.

We will even help you run a FUNdraiser for your party! That way you will have the best possible time!

We recommend that you contact us right away and acquire your date early. This is one of our busiest times of the year and dates always fill up.

Book now and we’ll create a memory for you and your guests!


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