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Cerebral Mind Control Podcast Episode 39

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Hey what’s up internet! Welcome to episode 39 of the Cerebral Mind Control Podcast   

This episode I’m going to speak to you about the power of altering state. Every day we are in many different states. From refusing to wake up and hitting the snooze button, to angry in traffic, and depressed from skipping a workout. As I listed those I’m sure you were able to think of times throughout your day when your state is altered or not ideal. Everyone in the world wants to be in a state of happiness 24/7, however, that is not something that we need 24/7. We need to feel emotions, that is how we as a whole, have come so far. We can, however, learn to change our state in a moments notice.

Let me share with you something that happened in Red Deer Alberta in about 2009/2010. As many of you know, I practise martial arts, with this practise comes competitions. Our school, the Viloria Martial Arts Academy run by Ray Viloria who you can listen to on Episode 37, go out with a team to Red Deer to compete in Cheeny’s Invitational Tournament. As usual, we cleaned house, placed well in all our divisions and created long lasting bonds with our teammates. After the tournament, some of us decided to go to the bar and celebrate. Have a couple drinks and dance off the remaining amount of energy we had left.

We left the first bar and walked over the next one. Once we approached the bar, 2 tall men began to yell at random people. Trying to start a fight. They then turned their focus onto us. Let me preface this by saying, we were all warmed up from the tournament, stretched and ready to go. These guys stood no chance whatsoever. However, when they walked up to us, instead of getting right back into their faces and further allowing them to go deeper into their state, I reached over and plucked a coin out of the shirt of the angrier guy. He immediately reacted like this was the most amazing piece of magic he has ever seen. I continued to perform a few coin “miracles” as they were to them and they both reacted so loudly! It was hilarious! The shock and aww they were feeling as they fully believed that they witnessed real magic. Their state had changed completely. They were no longer looking for a fight and were in great moods. So great that they even gave me a $20 bill! Going from “Hey you wanna fight” to “Here’s $20” without getting angry back at them or escalating the situation.

I fully believe that I changed their lives that day. They could have made some bad choices that could have ended much much differently.

As you can see now, changing state is very powerful. But how, if you don’t know magic, can you apply these principles in your life and in other people’s lives?

Well, I will start by giving you some ideas to play with. You must know that everybody is different, and it will take trial and error to find what works best for you.

For most people, whether you want to interrupt anger or a boring conversation, use something that is absolutely out of the norm. For example: “WOAH, is that a bald eagle?” say something that is compels people’s attention. Now that you have the person distracted, you have a very small window to redirect them. In the Hypnotic world, this is a pattern interrupt. You must follow your initial statement with another that indicates where the other person should focus on next. So in the example of a fight, you interrupt their anger, and immediately return with a “Hey man, nice shirt btw, where can I find *such and such a place*”. You can really insert anything after the pattern interrupt, just remember that you want to change the pattern and you do not want to add to it.

This brings us on how to use this on yourself. There are many ways to do this and in my one on one sessions I focus on this area a lot. You want to create what are known as anchors. An anchor is a physical action linked to an emotional state. If you are feeling angry, you create an anchor that is linked to happy. One that I love using, because it is so subtle, is flexing every muscle of the left arm except for the hand. Squeezing each muscle at the same time for 3 full seconds. This will mean nothing unless you link something to it. What I’d like you do do is think about a time when you were most happy. Think about the entire memory of this experience, it will help to close your eyes for this, however, if you are driving, then obviously wait until later. Think about the colours you saw in this moment, the sounds you heard, the things you felt (wind, clothing, etc), the smells you experienced, and even the tastes and how your internal digestive system felt during this memory. Take some time to really bring it all in. While doing this, squeeze every muscle in your left arm for 3s at a time. Repeat a total of 30 times, don’t consciously count, just do. This will create the anchor we are looking for. Then the next time you feel angry (or whatever emotion you are wanting to interrupt) you execute this anchor. Remember to always breathe deeply to allow the information to go into your subconscious mind.

So that was a really quick overview on anchoring. I will go into depth on this subject in a later episode. For now, give this a go, use your calf muscles, individual fingers. I currently have 6 that I work with right now and I always change their use when I no longer require them.

Please also reach out if you have any questions and i’ll be glad to assist you further on this.

Thank you for listening to Episode 39 of the Cerebral Mind Control Podcast, and remember. Go out there every single day and work as hard as you can towards your goals!

Peace, Love, Magic!


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