CMC e40 – Virtuous Values – with Christian Didur

hadlen cerebral mind control podcast saskatoon canada yxe anthony hanson Podcast ThumbnailWelcome to Cerebral Mind Control Podcast Episode 40 with Christian Didur.

In this episode we dive into the mind of Christian Didur. We find out how he arrived at his current level of success, the path and his choices.

Christian is a high level real estate agent! Specializing in commercial property, Christian has the professionalism to match. On top of his demanding job, he continues to execute great family and business balance with family being first.

You will soon find out what is the driving factor behind Christian’s extreme work ethic. Take some time and enjoy learning, as I did, from Christian Didur!

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Cerebral Mind Control Podcast

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“You can’t have a positive life with a negative attitude.”

In this Episode, you will learn about:

  • Why he chose his profession
  • When he found his calling
  • Who his biggest inspiration is
  • The importance of values
  • How to find balance
  • Where his business will be very soon

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