An Hour of Mind Melting Mystery

A unique show for any size of audience. Cerebral blends the principles of Magic, Mentalism, Hypnosis, and Presentation. This show is best viewed by audience ages 13+. If you want your guests to remember your event for the rest of their lives, this is the show. Our Mentalist, Magician, and Hypnotist Hadlen has put over 10 years of refinement into the structuring of this show. Cerebral’s runtime is 60 minutes. Please refer below for a more in depth look at the various options available. If you would like a length other than 60 minutes, please contact us for a quote.

This show used to be only available for Saskatoon and area. We now, proudly, offer this show across Canada. If you are outside of Canada and would like to book, please give us at least 6 months to plan touring around your event.

“Well Hadlen was PURE talent! Soooo enjoyable to watch – you too will enjoy his talent.”

Wayne Zuk, CEO, Realty Executives

Cerebral Show Rates


” ‘INCREDIBLE!’ He surpassed all my expectations! Much better than shows I’ve watched in Vegas!!”  

Melanie Wildman, “Mrs. Saskatchewan” President & CEO – Weight Loss Forever

More Information from our Magician, Mentalist, and Hypnotist Hadlen:

Magic is REAL. I know what you’re thinking. “A Magician pretends to have powers”. You would be correct, that is not what I am referring to. Magic is all about the experience. To design a puzzle that leaves you with only one conclusion, “That was magic”.

Magic is also a performance ART! When you see special effects on television or a movie, it can LOOK like magic. That is FAKE magic. REAL Magic is the connection, the presentation, the designed deception you experience IN PERSON. Only those who have experienced powerful magic will know exactly what I mean.

Mentalism is all about psychology and human behaviour. To be able to “read” a person’s silent language. Subtly using this new knowledge to place thoughts that appear to be your own in your mind. Also known as “Performance Mind-Reading” mixed with a little intuition.

Blending Hypnosis into the mix results in WMD, Weapons of Mind Destruction!

Hadlen’s Promo Video

Hadlen – Canada’s Hypnotist Magician from Hadlen on Vimeo.

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