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Comedy Hypnosis Shows are great when you need to entertain 100+ people. All shows are designed for the corporate audience. Volunteers need to be able to face their peers the next day. Our Astonishing Hypnotist Hadlen ensures that humour comes from the routines and not at the expense of a volunteers embarrassment. All Hypnotic routines are hilarious, clean, and most importantly SAFE! Please refer below for a more in depth look at the styles of production, show lengths, and various options available. Give us a call and we will help you determine the most suitable options for your event! We pride ourselves in offering the BEST and most PROFESSIONAL experiences. Serving Saskatoon and area for the last 10 years, we’ve now expanded across Canada! Our Hypnotist Hadlen tours often, keep an eye out for a public show in a theatre near you!

“Hi Hadlen,

I wanted to thank-you again for the amazing hypnosis show! People keep approaching speaking nothing but good things about the show and hope we are able to book you again for next year! Our president of Lydale was at the show and he is a hard person to impress, he has nothing but great things to say and he is actually the one who is spreading the news to the other branches about you!”

Rebecca Crone, Lydale


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“The BEST entertainment we’ve had in the last 6 years”Toyota

More Information on Hypnosis by the Astonishing Hypnotist Hadlen:

Many people have reservations towards Hypnosis. This is simply because an understanding of Hypnosis is not common. Hypnosis is a completely safe and natural state of mind. The average person experiences Hypnosis at least 4 times a day. We don’t always call it “Hypnosis”. Meditation and day-dreams are upon the most common.

When a Hypnotist places a “Hypnotee” or volunteer into a state of Hypnosis, the person is always consciously aware of what is happening. When a person reaches this state-of-mind, they are more open to suggestion. However when hypnotized, a person’s basic instincts and beliefs stay true. Telling somebody to “GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!” will not work. A hypnotized person will only do what is in their nature. You will often hear about people who are normally quiet and then on stage they are the most expressive one (As a Hypnotist I hear this after every show). Participating in a Comedy Hypnosis show is a great way for people to break out of their shells and experience themselves in a new way!

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Hadlen – Sizzle Reel from Hadlen on Vimeo.


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