Roving Magic

The Most Impossible Style of Magic

Perfect for morning mixers, company retreats or meetings, wedding, festivals, banquet dinners, restaurants, Trade Shows or simply any event where people gather. This entertainment style is the MOST versatile. Strolling from table to table, mingling group to group, entertaining person to person. Our Magician, Hadlen, entertains up to 80 people in 1 hour. Consider Roving Magic as 100s of mini magic shows, performed in the hands of your guests right before their eyes!

Give your guests the perfect ice-breaker. Something to talk about for years to come. We are in the business of creating memories and changing lives! Serving Saskatoon and area for the last 10 years. We now provide performances across Canada!

Warning: Screaming and Running may ensue


“The Force is strong with this one… Very interactive; lots of laughs!” – Anonymous

“Wow, that was impressive!”Saskatoon Mayor

“Holy &*^% !!” – Everybody else


Roving Magic Rates

More Information from our Magician Hadlen:

Trade Shows

We work closely with our Trade Show clients to design our “patter” to fit your message. We will create new effects and routines specifically for your product and company. Draw huge crowds and increase traffic so you can acquire more leads close deals!

Hadlen’s Street Magic Experience

A great alternative to the traditional show. This is the FIRST of it’s kind. No other magician is doing this. Until they hear about it that is.

“Just Another Day” – Magic from Hadlen’s perspective

Just Another Day from Hadlen on Vimeo.

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Creating Memories | Changing Lives